About Us

We invite you to explore and enrich your spaces with products from ZURI BY KLI.
Zuri is derived from the African word Mzuri which means good. This is an initiative by Kenya Lighting
Industries Ltd to explore and manufacture Kenyan products via a series of partnerships with
designers and artists, as well as our in-house team to bring you the best in Laser/CnC décor &
functional products.
Our collaborations with Nairobi Design Week and more recently the proposed and award winning
GoDown Arts Centre, has enabled us to partner with a number of designers and artists. In return it will
assist in giving them a platform to showcase their skill and talent, be it via Zuri or other avenues.
ZURI BY KLI takes a new look at product design by merging innovation and tradition, high-tech
machine precision and creative designers or artists, to develop a range of products that we hope will
leave you with as much bliss as it did us manufacturing it.
ZURI BY KLI, Empowering Innovative Design.