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  • 1 Jomo Kenyatta International Airport
    .Nairobi – External street lighting, floodlighting, cable management systems and other bespoke products for the new terminal and associated facilities.
  • 2 English Point Marina
    Mombasa –Cable management systems and other bespoke products for the on-going project.
  • 3 Radisson Blu Hotel
    Nairobi – Cable management systems and other bespoke products for the on-going project.
  • 4 Cable Management Systems
    Cable Management Systems
  • 5 Low Voltage Meterboards
    Internal & external grade of commercial Meter boards,
  • 6 Ruhwa Highway & Border Post
    Ruhwa, Burundi – External street lighting systems
  • 7 Pre Cast Concrete Products
    Hatari Tiles, Earth Electrode Pits, Cable Markers
  • 8 Syokimau Nairobi Commuter Rail
    Syokimau Nairobi Commuter Rail Station, Nairobi, Kenya – External amenity lighting for the new station
  • 9 Alba Hotel (Signature Hotels)
    Alba Hotel (Signature Hotels) Meru, Kenya – Cable management systems for the new hotel
  • 10 External Amenity Lighting
    A variety of urban external amenity lighting




Aims & Objectives

Sustainability & environmental performance of a company is of utmost importance in today’s world. At Kenya Lighting Industries Ltd (KLI) we ensure that our sustainability policies aspire to improve both social and environmental sustainability. We recognise that maintaining profitability and reducing environmental impact is a delicate balance, but we are committed to reducing our footprint.
The following are our firm’s key main objectives in promoting social and environmental sustainability:-
• To consider social and environmental factors when making our business decisions.
• To minimise the use of natural and artificial resources e.g water, energy, materials etc. when conducting our business.
• To reuse resources where possible in production processes.
• To work with clients, architects, engineers, contractors, suppliers, regulators and other professional bodies to raise the environmental standards of the industries in which we operate.
• To responsibly use our skills and experience to improve the environment we live in.
• Be a leader in sustainable development in our field.


In order to implement and deliver the above objectives our firm has actioned the following policies on all our production processes while also embarking on a number of projects to minimise our own carbon footprint:-
• Re-use and recycle as many raw materials as possible when conducting our business e.g re-use aggregate, rain water while producing our pre-case concrete range of products e.g ‘Hatari Tiles’, Earth Electrode pits, Cable Markers etc
• Re-use and recycle output waste steel when producing cable trunking, trays, meter boards, etc.
• Minimising inputs and managing any harmful output waste.
• Maximise the employment and training of local staff.
• Review our own ‘in-house’ energy consumption to minimise our carbon footprint.
• Review the feasibility of installing renewable energy sources on our own offices, yards and workshops e.g. using solar hotwater systems and photovoltaic cells.


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